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Fri Dec 15 10:48:00 AEST 1989

>/* ---------- "Adaptec AHA1542 SCSI controller & h" ---------- */
>Hello everyone!
>I have a quick question.  Since I can't reach Adaptex (Roy Neese's machine)
>anymore for anonymous login, I will ask here in the hopes that someone has
>an answer.
>We wish to use a 1542 with a high speed CPU.  Specifically, a Cached 25Mhz
>80386 machine.  What problems, if any, am I likely to run into doing this?
>I know the 1542 is a third-party DMA board, which implies that it will do
>it's own thing with the bus.  Will this get me in trouble with the cache?
>Is this possible, and if so, what should I watch out for?
>Secondly, does anyone have the programs that were on adaptex to diddle the
>"mode pages"?  I specifically want to get the read-ahead turned on for 
>either a CDC or Maxtor fixed disk.
>Replies appreciated; users who actually have this combination working even
>more appreciated.  If you DO have this combination working please indicate
>the configuration you are using (motherboard, etc).

Karl, adaptex is up and running.  Here is the anon login stuff:

adaptex Any ACU BAUD 8174886893 -\d\d\d-gin:-\d\d\dBREAK-gin:-\d\d\d-BREAK-gin: suucp

Where BAUD = 9600->2400->1200

Here is the 'list' file on adaptex
The following utilities a have been designed to run on the AHA-154x/1640
Adaptec SCSI Host adapters.  They only run under MS-DOS.
These programs are being provided free and were written by an individual(me).
If you have any complaints, then send them to the bit bucket.  If you have
some suggestions, then E-mail them to neese at adaptex.  If you call our factory
and ask questions about these, you will get a big, "I don't know what you are
talking about!"  If you use these programs for anything other than your on
use, then give credit where credit is due (Roy Neese).
Any time a file changes, I will put a date in the appropriate section.  The
current date is 10/11/1989.  The updated files will show themselves as

UD 10/12/1989

So if you keep the old list you can tell which files have been updated from the
last time you requested them.
To get any of the files, use:

uucp adaptex!~/file /usr/spool/uucppublic/file


uucp adaptex!/usr/spool/uucppublic/scsiutil/file /usr/spool/uucppublic/file
~/GETDEVS.EXE.Z			Size: 11013 Oct 11 09:12 GETDEVS.EXE.Z

This is a quickie utility that displays all of the targets and luns on the
SCSI bus.  No command line options, just run it.
The following utilities will operate on any hard drive that is INT13H BIOS

~/GRDRIVE.EXE.Z			Size: 26244 Oct 11 09:12 GRDRIVE.EXE.Z
~/GREAD.EXE.Z			Size: 26533 Oct 11 09:13 GREAD.EXE.Z
~/GWRITE.EXE.Z			Size: 26591 Oct 11 09:13 GWRITE.EXE.Z

These three utilities were written out of complete frustration.  They will
display information graphically, thus requiring at least a CGA Monitor.  They
all have the same command line options.  (Nothing fancy here)  For instance,

	gread 1 2000
	gread 1500
	gread 0 3000
	gread 2
	gread 2 4000

The above examples are all valid.  If the first argument is a single digit it
can be:
	0 - test drive zero only
	1 - test drive one only
	2 - test both drives

The larger number, tells the program the range for the transfer rate in KB.
Defaults are [test drive zero][1000]  None of the programs will destroy data,
including gwrite.  GRDRIVE does both reading and writing for one drive only and
thus will only accept 0 or 1 for single digit arguments.  GREAD/GWRITE does read
/write tests for one or both drives.  All of the programs go through the BIOS
and will run on any hard drive.  At the end of the run the program silently
waits for you enter data concerning the configuration and then pressing <ENTER>
will exit.  If you have your favorite graphics screen dump program loaded,
then you can print the results to a printer.
WARNING: GRDRIVE and GWRITE read and write the data read during the test.  If
you reset your computer to exit these programs, you could blow your boot
track.  To safely exit while these are running press <CTRL><C>.  DO NOT press
<CTRL><BREAK>.  The programs will exit when it is safe to do so.
~/SCSI.EXE.Z		V6.0	Size: 37507 Oct 11 09:12 SCSI.EXE.Z
UD 12/08/1989		V6.1	Size: 37517 Dec 08 10:55 SCSI.EXE.Z

This a diagnostic for the AHA-154x/1640 and devices attached to these host
adapters.  It is menu driven and will destroy data without much warning.
But can be very useful for tracking down problems.
~/SCSICNTL.EXE.Z	V4.4	Size: 49087 Oct 11 09:12 SCSICNTL.EXE.Z
UD 12/08/1989		V4.5	Size: 49104 Dec 08 10:46 SCSICNTL.EXE.Z

This is a program that gives you access to the mode sense pages of a SCSI
device.  Although MS-DOS based, can be helpful in all operating environments,
as programming the SCSI device is completely transparent to the operating
It is menu driven, and after choosing a selection from the main
menu you may press '?' for further help and/or an explanation of what you
are about to do.  This program has knowledge of the following drives, but
can be used with any drive (I think??).

	Micropolis 	137x
	CDC		Wren III, IV, V, VI, VII
	Quantum		Q250, Q280, Pro40S, Pro80S
	Conner		CP-340, CP-3100
	Maxtor		XT-4xxxS, XT-8xxxS, LXT-100S
~/SCSIHA.SYS.Z			Size: 1160 Oct 11 09:22 SCSIHA.SYS.Z

This is a driver for MS-DOS that will allow Windows 386 and Desqview 386 to
run with the 154x/1640 host adapters.  The only command line option is for
setting the buffer size that the drive will use for hard disks transfers.
It MUST be the first entry in the config.sys file.

	SCSIHA.SYS /b:[16 or 32]
~/SETSCSI.EXE.Z			Size: 7633 Oct 11 09:24 SETSCSI.EXE.Z

This program is meant to be used in a MS-DOS environment in the AUTOEXEC.BAT
file.  It is only needed for the AHA-154[02][A] host adapters. It has the

	-t:5, 6, 8, 10
	This sets the DMA transfer rate of the host adapter.  The number
	indicates the DMA transfer rate in MBytes/sec.

	*** WARNING ****
	Not all systems can run as fast as the host adapter is capable.  In
	fact, I don't know of a system that will run at 10MBytes/sec.

	This sets the bus-off time of the host adapter.

	This sets the bus on time for the adapter.  Caution:  You can starve
	memory refresh if you set the host adapter at 15.  If your system has
	static rams only, then this is okay, as static rams do not need

Running this program without any options will cause the program to reset the
defaults for the host adapter.
~/@0F1F.ADF.Z			Size: 1732 Oct 11 09:22 @0F1F.ADF.Z

This is the ADF file for the AHA-1640 MCA SCSI Host Adapter
~/scsicntl.doc.Z		Size: 12116 Nov  4 09:37 scsicntl.doc.Z

This is a troff document for the SCSICNTL.EXE file.

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