gtar 1.07 and 386/ix 2.0.2

Petri Alhola petri at digiw.UUCP
Wed Dec 6 02:32:16 AEST 1989

 Is there any experience of using gtar 1.07 with 386/ix 2.0.2.
 I have compiled it and it works fine with small < 100M file systems
 but when i backup large 150M filesystem i got always memory fault,
 core dumped in same place. I have used gdb to look where it happens
 and it happens in malloc , called by opendir. Is there anybody had same
 problem. I like to ask this before trying to analyze problem more

   Petrio Alhola

(gdb) back
#0  0x13626 in malloc ()
#1  0x14 in ?? ()
#2  0xf5e8 in opendir ()
#3  0x2849 in dump_file (p=(char *) 0x7ffffa8d "/usr2/petri/pci/3.0", curdev=4) (create.c line 505)
#4  0x28f4 in dump_file (p=(char *) 0x7ffffb39 "/usr2/petri/pci", curdev=4) (create.c line 530)
#5  0x28f4 in dump_file (p=(char *) 0x7ffffbe5 "/usr2/petri", curdev=4) (create.c line 530)
#6  0x28f4 in dump_file (p=(char *) 0x7ffffef0 "/usr2", curdev=-1) (create.c line 530)
#7  0x2169 in create_archive () (create.c line 155)
#8  0x162 in main (argc=4, argv=(char **) 0x7ffffe94) (tar.c line 155)

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