Binary Compatibility

Tom May tom at
Sun Dec 17 06:25:53 AEST 1989

In article <338 at denwa.uucp> jimmy at (Jim Gottlieb) writes:
   What I wonder is:  Are they that different that software must be
   separately compiled for SCO, ISC, AT&T, ESIX...?

I run both SCO Xenix and ISC Unix on my box (can't remember the
versions, although they're both quite recent).  ISC claims binary
compatibility with Xenix (except for a few small things), and I was
pleasantly surprised to find they were correct.  I can mount my Xenix
partition from ISC, include it in my path, and run all the tools I
have acquired and compiled under Xenix (including GNU Emacs, although
I haven't tried it with pty's and select(2)) no problem.  In my case,
this saves me lots of disk space and software installation time.
Tom May
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