uugetty problem

Paul Gillingwater paul at csnz.co.nz
Fri Dec 8 09:17:27 AEST 1989

I have ISC 386/ix, with a 1200 bps mode attached, which I want to
set up for dial-in/dial-out.

When uugetty is running with the -r switch, I can connect to
the system just fine, login, etc.  Unfortunately, when using
the console, I can't cu to the modem or dial out with uucico.

This is because uugetty is creating a lock file LCK..tty00
immediately that it is activated.  I suspect that this is
not correct behaviour, because the lock file is blocking
cu and uucico from operating with the port.  Note that when
the uugetty is off, cu and uucico work just fine.

Can someone please explain (I have RTFM, but this is not well
covered) which modem control signals are involved here?

I think I know the following:
The port cannot be opened bu cu unless DSR is asserted by the modem.
The modem will not answer unless DTR is asserted by the port;
when DTR is dropped, the modem will disconnect.
CD will be asserted by the modem when it connects; the loss of CD
is detected by cu, which disconnects.
RTS/CTS are not enabled.

I suspect that one of the signals above (maybe DSR) is causing
uugetty to create the lock file, thinking that someone is trying
to log in.  Of course, the modem is not echoing, ATQ1E0.
I have tried uugetty without the -r option as well, with same result.

** Question: what events cause uugetty to create the lock file?

It can't be CD, because that's not present.
Supporting evidence: sometimes when using cu to connect to the port
with the uugetty disabled, it detects CD, and immediately
disconnects.  It always works the second time.  The port is
a standard dumb COM1: on a Zenith 386 desktop (33MHz).

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