Some really easy questions (batteries not included)

Larry Snyder larry at nstar.UUCP
Mon Dec 25 09:50:05 AEST 1989

> My expectations for a machine are 20Mhz 386, 2M RAM, moderate sized hard-disk
> (cache??), VGA, etc.
> This will be a personal machine, for the most part, since Suns dominate my
> work place.  My concerns are as follows:
> 	1) Is 2M going to be sufficient RAM to run some flavor of UNIX
> 	     with the expectation that it will not be loaded with users?

2 megabytes WILL work, but I would suggest getting 4 megabytes.  I am
running with an AMI motherboard that has 72 sockets for RAM chips - and
can handle up to 8 megabytes - which I should be at later this week.
If you plan on running Xenix instead of Unix, 2 megabytes should be fine
for starters.

> 	3) Are the DOS emulators out there reasonably robust?  Also,
> 	     are they reasonably cheap?

Around $395 list prices for a limited users release which in most
cases will be all that is needed.  Running multiple DOS sessions under
UNIX can "load" a machine real quick.

Larry Snyder, Northern Star Communications, Notre Dame, IN
uucp: root at nstar -or- ...!iuvax!ndmath!nstar!root

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