Adaptec AHA1542 SCSI controller

neese at adaptex.UUCP neese at adaptex.UUCP
Wed Dec 20 09:16:00 AEST 1989

>We wish to use a 1542 with a high speed CPU.  Specifically, a Cached 25Mhz
>80386 machine.  What problems, if any, am I likely to run into doing this?
>I know the 1542 is a third-party DMA board, which implies that it will do
>it's own thing with the bus.  Will this get me in trouble with the cache?

No.  DMA is DMA is DMA, regardless of which DMA it is, as long as the DMA
is an accurate implementation of the AT specification.

			Roy Neese
			Adaptec Central Field Applications Engineer
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