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Wed Dec 20 06:52:11 AEST 1989

In article <511090 at nstar.UUCP> you write:
>Well - nstar is now back up and running under 386/ix.  It really was easier 
>than I thought - expire everything in both the news and akcs message bases 
>(this took several hours alone - btw, b-news expire using -e 0 doesn't expire

You should try C News which is really easy to install for 386/ix and C
News is much less problem than SCO B News.

>Unix System V is different than Xenix!  I must admit that the calls I've made 
>to Bryan at ISC went well.  Bryan has answered my support calls with good 
>solid information, and admits if he has to check into something more.  
>Excellent support, indeed.   I did learn of the X7 update coming out that 
>updates the mailer (sendmail). 

Do you have email for Interactive Support?  I am totally deaf and I
don't use voice phone.  One time ISC gave me email for support but it
does not work at all.   I still have problem with stupid install.mail

I am still getting wrong sender's address (either uucp or root) instead
of true sender's name on all incomming uucp mail.  I am still looking
for help.   Xenix, SCO Unix and even DEC Ultrix are beautiful mailing

>Sendmail is not handling mail to bbs users (addressed to akcs.larry at nstar) 
>correctly.  When I was running smail - the mail was tossed using the transport
>file which isn't available with sendmail.  I need to get sendmail setup to 
>handle messages addressed to akcs.larry at nstar to place the message in 
>/user/akcs/.users/larry/mbox which seems very possible - maybe in
>If I can't get this running, I'll either need to install smail under 386/ix
>or replace akcs.  AKCS is one of the best BBS packages I have ever seen - and
>it's link into usenet is neat - and fast.  The threading is great, when you 

I agree with you!

>I've been amazed that the Xenix versions of AKCS, support utilities, and
>news software all run just fine under 386/ix.  Xenix versions of ProYam

Interactive 386/ix version Yam is much better because this does fix
Function keys problem.  You can download from Chuck Forberg's board and
make new Yam through Xenix Yam.

>I've been told that nn is an excellent threaded news reader.  Does it run
>well under X?  I'm in the process of installing nn right now.

Yes.. I have one but I still prefer RN.

>Next project - order X-Windows.  Bryan @ ISC mentioned that the next release 

You needs 4 extra megB of memory for X-windows.  My workstation at work
is using 24 megB of memory!!  This is not like MS Windows at all.
I like X because it can copy and paste on command and vi editor so I
will not have to retype very long name or email adress.

>I do miss the Xenix mail program - where I could use ~m and ~v to quote mail
>- maybe I should install ELM under ix?  I wonder how ELM runs under X?  

Use mailx if you want ~v etc.  Elm is my favorite.  You must remember
that mail spooler is different.   Xenix/SCO Unix is using
/usr/spool/mail while ix is using /usr/mail.

>So far so good.  I'm happy to be running Unix again, and time will be the true
>test.  I might need to sell my SCO if I need both the memory and the co-

I have been using Xenix for four years include Xenix/AT and I am glad I
did not sell this at all.  Xenix is very reliable system but I have alot
of experience with System V and III in seven years experience that makes
me feeling clumsy on using Xenix.   I tried to use SCO Unix 3.2 and I
thought this is good system but this POSIX and C2 security makes BBS and
chat program and even development package little bit too rough.  In
fact, many GNU program does not work with SCO Unix.   Now I am using SCO
Unix in my working computer while I am running 386/ix on different
machine for bbs and usenet mail.  I still have serious mail header problem 
(sendmail may be a big problem).

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