32 Port Cards for AT&T 6386

Stan Voket asv at gaboon.UUCP
Sun Dec 10 03:21:16 AEST 1989

In article <1203 at vsi.COM> john at vsi.COM (John Koontz) writes:
>Does anyone have any experience with 32 (or more) port cards on 6386s?  
>As expected, I'm concerned about the reliability of any non-supported

     No, but...

     I've had extremely good luck with the Equinox Megaport board.  I run
     mine under Interactive Unix 2.0.2.  Each board has 24 ports and I
     believe 6 boards are supported for each machine under unix.  No
     interrupts are used either.

     I run a host of devices on it including fast Trailbalzer bidirectional
     uucp transfers with no problems.

     In looking at the label on the device driver floppy it says:

     UNIX System V/386 Device Driver Release 1.7.0

     ...compatible with UNIX 3.2 form AT&T, Dell, Everex, Interactive, SCO 
     etc.  (the "etc." is theirs not mine)

     I got mine from Continental Computer Systems in Newington, CT.
     1-203-665-1355. Equinox is at 1-305-255-3500 (they sent me to CCS).

     Hope this helps!

     (standard happy user disclaimers apply...)

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