Questions about Sys V Release 4

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Sun Dec 17 08:39:05 AEST 1989

In article <41800003 at> krause at writes:
>	o  There was also a hint that it might be "cheaper".  Does anyone
>	   know specifically how its pricing will compare to Sys V R3.2?

AT&T is planning on revamping their pricing structure. I don't know how
much that would affect the 386 retail level though.

>	o  Does R4 include a full ANSI C and ANSI library?

It is supposed to be but I found several violations in the header files without
looking too hard. Thier preprocessor also has some none-ansi intrinsics and
will be needed to digest their header files. I had a friend of mine report
this to the compiler group at AT&T and I don't know what became of it.

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