Dewey Coffman dewey at
Tue Dec 19 06:10:18 AEST 1989

	I've had numerous inquiries into the product annoucement about
	Dell's 386SX VGA Laptop. The number one question has been
	does it run Dell UNIX and X windows including Motif. The 
	answer is yes, you can't currently purchase Dell UNIX for
	it as it is still under internal testing. People have also
	had questions about more disk space. Larger disk drives
	are also being tested (100+ Meg).

	For more info call Buck Allan at
			1-800-727-3355 ext 7308

	Tell him you saw this on USENET. I've warned him that I was 
	going to unlease the net on him.

	or you can send inquiries to info at

	If your going to UNIFORUM, stop by the Dell Booth to see the
	Dell UNIX System 3.2.1 and X11R3 with Motif on the Dell 386SX laptop, 
	as well as the 1024x768 X Server Running on a Dell 325 (25 MHZ) on 
	19 inch monitor. It's quite impressive.

	We will also be showing System V.4 on the Dell 325 in UNIX 
	International booth as well as in our both. For those interested
	in the DOS based X servers, we've also been showing various DOS X
	servers on the Dell 210(286-12.5 MHZ).

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