Installing X11, 386/ix 2.0.2 (long)

Larry Snyder larry at nstar.UUCP
Mon Dec 11 09:44:33 AEST 1989

> working kernel, but I got the Logitech Bus Mouse (IRQ5), Everex streaming
> tape (IRQ3) to coexist by removing all async support other than the
> CompuTone AT-8 Intelliport.  Mouse C A U T I O N ! !

Are you using the Wangtec driver supplied with ISC 2.02 for the Everex
tape?  Is there a way other than manually editing one of the files in
/etc/conf to change the default irq from 5 to 3 for the tape (assuming you
are using the internal driver supplied with the OS?)

> removed the mouse card.  I'll not claim that all of the Logitech cards
> do this, but if in doubt, leave it out until you get installed and you
> have the X-windows support configured into the kernel.  You don't need
> it before then anyway.

I have an ATI VGA wonder with the build in mouse and will install the mouse
last just to play it safe.

> One more caution, pay attention to your console display during shutdown
> and boot up.  I had a phenomenon that kept us all guessing until I
> tracked it down.  I found that X would come up and play each time I
> booted a "fresh" kernel.  If I shut down and rebooted it wouldn't even
> wiggle.  During the shutdown sequence I would get a report that it was
> relinking the /unix kernel.  I thought that was odd but didn't pay much
> attention to it (other than to notice it).  It turns out that it was,
> in fact, relinking /unix.  In /etc/conf/cf.d there was a /unix that had
> no streams support in it.  A "fresh" kernel would bring in all of the
> right stuff and X would play, but as soon as I shut down, the old kernel
> would overlay the new one and I was right back to a "no X" kernel.  It
> was as easy as going to /etc/conf/cf.d and removing the unix, but it took
> some time to find it (and five kernels!).

I installed the hostess driver yesterday, and every time I power down I
get the "relinking the kernel" message, than the kernel that boots doesn't
support the ASY driver.  Strange but know I know were to look.  Thanks!

Thanks Bill.  I plan on adding a NEC 3D with the VGA wonder (256K).

larry at nstar

Larry Snyder, Northern Star Communications, Notre Dame, IN
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