Device errors -- on formatting a second disk

Karl Denninger karl at ddsw1.MCS.COM
Wed Dec 20 15:43:04 AEST 1989

In article <DAVE.89Dec17185541 at> goldblat at writes:
>I missed the precusor to this thread, so please bear with me.. :-)
>In article <654400002 at cdp>, steve at cdp.UUCP writes:
>> > *** DEVICE ERROR: Uncorrectable data error in sector ***
>> > *** Controller 0 (Primary AT Hard Disk), Disk 0 Absolute Sector # nnnnnn
>I get innumerable device errors, but with a "sector not found" error
>instead when I try to format my second drive in the system (actually,
>the errors spew out if I try to format, verify, or anything else).  I
>get errors all over disk 0, which I know to be good.
>I've been completely unsuccessful in adding this drive.  It's a Seagate
>151 (42M) in an Everex 386/25 runing 386/ix 2.0.2 -- everyone here's
>puzzled, and it's driving me nuts!  Any help will be greatly appreciated..

Try adding a second controller.  Recommended:  Adaptec 2370

It works great.  We have two on the second controller, and one on the
primary.  A second drive on the primary controller did >not< work; verify
would report disk read/write errors on both the new and old units during the
verification pass!  (grrrrrrr).

Me thinks Interactive has some bugs in their drivers.  

Are you listening Interactive?  SCO Unix is looking better all the time......

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