Computone Board Now OK

Jerry D. Pierce jdp at PacBell.COM
Thu Dec 21 14:08:15 AEST 1989

I had posted about a week ago that I was having trouble with 
gettys which wouldn't die on my computone board under Interactive
Unix 2.0.2 on a Compaq 386/20e.
Doug at Interactive responded via e-mail:

>Make sure you've done the 'configure HPDD' part of kconfig to get 
>it to remove all but the controller module(s) you're using.  
>If only an AT-compatible, this should use only INT 14.  Note that
>this will also free up 5 and 11 (Future Domain and Adaptec SCSI)...

I'm glad to report that running kconfig and selecting the HPDD
option (number 7) allowed me to "clear" int 15.  I re-ran the
Computone installation (after re-setting the jumper to use int 15)
and ....
It works!  I can now kill getty's and access the card normally!!
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who responded with various

   Jerry Pierce

"Ah, that would be the fate WORSE than the fate worse than death.
 That must be pretty bad." - Blackadder IV

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