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>From article <9315 at>, by thurm at shorty.CS.WISC.EDU (Matthew Thurmaier):
> In article <10855 at megatest.UUCP> palowoda at megatest.UUCP (Bob Palowoda) writes:

> Bob... Wait a minute.... I know ESIX is a pretty good deal BUT, have you
> looked at Open Desktop from SCO.  Lets see, according to the add I have
> here in front of me ESIX includes:
> 	1.) runtime O.S.
> 	2.) dev sys.
> 	3.) X-Sight
	      Wrong. ESIX is Xwindows. (X-Sight is a DOS type product)
> 	4.) Streams
> 	availability of NFS and other goodies (looks like add-ons)

        I did say NFS is extra. In fact I think they arange it quite
	simple. You get everything but the NFS or VPIX. 

> Open Desktop INCLUDES NFS, INGRESS, NFS, and a couple of more goodies for
> only $100 more!  YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT.

	Now what your saying here is you get: 
	   SCO UNIX 3.2 UNLIMITED Version
	   C Development system (includeing Code view)
				This would include all the librarys
				for the Xwindows product they sell and
				the libraries for the network software.

	   NFS includeing all the ethernet routines and drivers
	       to get it running.
           DOS Merge 386.
	   SCO Windows (X-windows with Motif)

		     For $925.00?

        I beleive your talking about a two user system here right.
	Think how stupied it would be to get a two user system and run
	NFS and a multi-user database. TWO USER LICENSE's ARE USELESS 
	IN THESE TYPES OF UNIX ENVIORNMENTS. Some may disagree with me
	but I doubt that they would want to pay for the users who cannot
	upgrade there system from a two user system to the unlimited version.

        I thought about the INGRESS Database in the package myself. At 
	first I thought it was a good deal. But I found out there are
	better databases than INGRESS and you can't subtract the database
	from the package price. I figure 350 for the Simul-task and 
	800 for the Informix DB in on that.

	And I really think if you put the prices in more perspective the
	complete SCO UNIX cost about 3600.00. If I where to add the feature
	your talking about here to get an equivalent package I would say
	I'm at the 2000.00. Now I'm not saying that SCO isn't good. 
	I've used there software a couple of years and liked it. But
	1600.00 isn't chicken feed to me. So what I would like to know
	is where's the beef?  And what are the REAL PRICES?

> Flames to me.....

	 None intented.

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