Foxplus garbles display under 386ix

Perry Minyard 3MTA3 perry at bluemtn.uucp
Fri Dec 29 09:44:01 AEST 1989

In article <4924 at gaboon.UUCP> asv at gaboon.UUCP (Stan Voket) writes:
>     I'm running the SBT accounting package under SCO Foxplus 2.1 and 386ix.
>     The problem is that after the first invocation of Foxplus, the screen
>     becomes partially garbled for any subsequent application.  For example
>     the SCO Professional inverse video "READY" indicator normally in the
>     upper right of the screen will be on the upper left!  I must logoff to
>     clear this up.  This occures on the console with AT386 or ansi termcap
>     and also on Wyse 60 terminal.
>     Has anyone noticed this?  More importantly, how did you resolve the
>     problem?
>     This is making me crazy.  Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

   First of all, are you running SCO FOXBASE 2.1.0 or 2.1.1?  I know
that they have fixed several screen problems with their latest release but
I'm not sure if your problem is one of them.    If I recall correctly, 
Foxplus left something screwed up after being run once and the only
way to correct it was to logoff.  It has something to do with the attribute
byte.  If you dont have release 2.1.1, I would highly recommend it because
it fixes a lot of bugs that existed with 2.1.0.

Perry Minyard

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