Emacs key bindings for Interactive at386 console

Brandon S. Allbery allbery at NCoast.ORG
Sun Dec 3 04:24:59 AEST 1989

As quoted from <3005 at uceng.UC.EDU> by dmocsny at uceng.UC.EDU (daniel mocsny):
| Furthermore, I have to wonder why installing GNU emacs should be a
| problem at all. Surely 386/ix users represent a sizable fraction of
| FSF/GNU's virtual customer base. So why doesn't the emacs distribution
| have the files already prepared that you need to compile under 386/ix?
| Huh? If anybody has made these files, howzabout sending them to FSF?

RMS doesn't like System V, so he won't include System V diffs unless they're
ready-to-install into his source tree and don't break anything else.  (Hmph.
Followups to alt.religion.computers.)

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