rlogin fails as root on ISC 386/ix

Karl Denninger karl at ddsw1.MCS.COM
Sat Dec 23 04:46:13 AEST 1989

In article <1940 at lamont.ldgo.columbia.edu> fritzz at lamont.ldgo.columbia.edu (fritz zaucker) writes:
>is there anybody out there and not yet on holidays?
>I have trouble with rlogging in on another machine
>if I try to do this as root.
>Both machines run 386/ix ver.2.02 . The /etc/hosts.equiv
>files have the other machines in there and on each machine
>there is the file /.rhosts with the corresponding line
>otherhost root
>in it. 
>I get the error message "Not on system console ..."
>if I do
>machine1>  rlogin machine2
>as root.
>Yes, I have removed the line
>CONSOLE= ... something ...
>in the /etc/default/login  file on both machines.
>Please help, and soon if possible.
>Thanks a lot

Yep.  That doesn't work.  My workaround is to rlogin to a different account,
then "su".

What's going on there?  Security reasons, fine, but .rhosts should defeat
it, especially if the "CONSOLE" line is commented out of

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