RFS is by far better that NFS!

Jim Logan logan at inpnms.UUCP
Fri Dec 15 11:16:52 AEST 1989

We all have 386's on our desks running RFS and have enjoyed
having root access to our machines, but not on the server.  From
what we have read, this is not possible under NFS.  Is this true?  

We are in the process of changing over to NFS from RFS under
386/ix in order to use the large disks on our MV 40000 running

Is seems that the only way to prevent root access on the server
under NFS is by appointing one person as the administrator.  It
doesn't make much sense to have one person responsible for an
entire network of 386's.  He would have to be responsible for
changing the mode of files, killing processes, etc.  No one
around here wants grunt work like this.   

Is this really a security issue, or are we misinformed?  Is
there a solution?

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