386/ix cannot output NUL characters to COM1?

Tor Lillqvist tml at hemuli.atk.vtt.fi
Fri Sep 15 00:54:04 AEST 1989

We have an Intel SYP (or whatever it is called) 386 machine (called
ruttana) with 386/ix 2.0.2.  While waiting for our LAN card, I tried
to set up an direct UUCP link to our main machine (hemuli), using the
tty00 (COM1) port.  The problem is that when hemuli logs in as nuucp,
and the 386 send its Shere=ruttana string, the NUL that should be
after the hostname doesn't ever show up, and the calling uucico
hangs...  (Yes, I used a protocol analyzer to monitor the traffic to
be sure.)

I tried saying echo 'a\000b' in the shell, and got nothing between the
a and b.

Is 386/ix incapable of writing NUL bytes to the tty00 port?  Is it a
hardware bug?  Any workarounds?
Tor Lillqvist
Technical Research Centre of Finland, Computing Services (VTT/ATK)
tml at hemuli.atk.vtt.fi []

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