Xenix vs. Unix? (Maynard Tape Drives)

Devon Tuck tuck at iris.ucdavis.edu
Tue Sep 12 08:21:11 AEST 1989

I recently received a Xenix driver for my Maynard "Maynstream" tape backup
system, and it appears that Maynard has chosen a name for a low-level 
interrupt which is identical to one in Excelan's "Xenix Lan Workplace."

Maynard has taken responsibility for correcting the problem, and may get
around to fixing it one of these months, but in the meantime... You must
create two versions of the Xenix kernel: one with networking and no
archival caps, and the other with the Maynstream driver, and no networking.
At the "boot:" prompt, enter the name of your "archiving" kernel, or just
press return to get the networked kernel.

Devon Tuck (tuck at iris.ucdavis.edu)

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