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>From article <4635 at ursa-major.SPDCC.COM>, by dyer at spdcc.COM (Steve Dyer):
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>> IBM sells "X Windows for DOS" and Locus sells what I believe to be the
>> same product, PC/Xsight.  I have no experience with either of these products.
>> I believe you are limited to what you can do in 640K, but I could be wrong.
>  I was reading that Locus just released version 2.0 of Xsight ...
>                              ....Couple things I wonder about. What
>eithernet cards it supports. And what they are going to do about a 
>file server. I would perfer NFS (even with it's flaws) something like
>FTP's Interdrive. I read somewhere they where going to support TCF.
>Can NFS and TCF reside on the same system with out any conflicts?
>Has anyone tried a NFS client/server in conjunction with Locus 
>Xwindows talking on a eithernet to a 386ix X-windows server?
I don't know what ethernet cards Xsight supports but if there is sufficient
interest it would only take me a few minutes to find out. Otherwise just
give Locus a call (213 670-6500) and check with the sales types.

I don't understand what you mean when asking what we are going to do about
a file server, the whole purpose of an "X Terminal" is that it is an
independent entity leaving it to the user to supply whatever server they

I am also not sure what you mean about supporting TCF. Since TCF is a
feature in the AIX370 and second generation AIXPS/2 kernel developed by
Locus for IBM it is clearly not something that runs on a PC. However, if
you mean will the Xsight user be able to use that software to access a
TCF AIX cluster of systems, the answer is definitely. In fact IBM is
marketing a licensed version of Xsight which they call "X on DOS" for
just this purpose.

Finally, you ask if NFS and TCF can reside on the same system. Again, the
answer is yes, all AIX370 kernels also have NFS in them, the PS/2 systems
on the cluster can either be configured with or without NFS. Both the
client side and server are there.

Disclaimer: This is not an official statement, my opinions only.

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