ISC UUCICO hangs...

K.J.Jamieson tron1 at tronsbox.UUCP
Sat Sep 9 16:00:13 AEST 1989

I am running ISC 2.0.2 on a generic 16MHZ 386 Box.

My problems are such:

I will often come home to find "hung" uucico's "laying around". Sometimes a
kill will make them go away, sometimes it needs a kill -9 , sometimes a 

This happens under ISC's asy, SDK's asy driver, and the Maxpeed Intelligent
Card driver. Apparently , there is some serious silliness with the CD line
sensing , but I have swapped modems with a "Real AT&T 4024" that works fine
for a friend and am having the same problem..... The uucico will be HOURS
old, and still there ---- with no CD!!!!!

Any Ideas?? Any similar problems?? Are there any ASY drivers worth trying?

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