Fast 386 Color Workstation

Michael Umansky misha at aeras.UUCP
Fri Sep 15 11:12:28 AEST 1989

FOR SALE:  Brand new SUPER FAST 386 based AT workstation!

	I just put this configuration together and then decided
	that I want a 33Mhz based system.  Since no one wanted to
	buy just the motherboard, I decided to sell the whole setup!

	Micronics i80386DX-25Mhz based Mother Board with 32K Cache
		i82385-25Mhz Cache Controller
		4 Mb of 80 ns (1Mbit chips) DRAM, Sockets for 387/Weitek
		The 387 has its own crystal, so you can use a slower FPU
		Lithium battery for CMOS Setup Ram/Clock on board
	Tower Case with Reset, Turbo and Speed Display
	220 Watt Power Supply
	Adaptec AHA-1542A SCSI Host Adapter (DMA Bus Master)
	CDC WREN III 155Mb (formatted) SCSI Hard Drive (16 ms access)
	1.2  Mb 5.25" Floppy Drive
	1.44 Mb 3.5"  Floppy Drive
	Paradise VGA Plus
	NEC Multisync 3D
		Memory for factory and user defined setups
		Maximum 1024x768 interlaced - like IBM 8514A
	101 Key Keyboard
	1 Serial, 1 Parallel, 1 Game Ports
	Mouse Systems Optical Mouse (Serial)
	Docs for Motherboard, SCSI controller, WREN III, VGA, NEC, Mouse,
		IO Ports, Keyboard, 1.44Mb Floppy Drive, Case
	Landmark SPEED test shows about 43.5 Mhz
	Norton SI shows about 32

	Only $5600.00 (+COD SHIP) - Unbeatable for above configuration!!!

	The system currently runs Interactive's 386/ix V2.0.2.
	If you want, I can get you a good price on any 386/ix configuration
	that Interactive offers.
NAME:	Michael Umansky (sun!aeras!foxy!misha)
WORK:	Arix Corp.;  821 Fox Lane;  San Jose, CA  95131
HOME:	4331 Lincoln Way; San Francisco, CA  94122
PHONE:	(408) 922-1751 (work); (415) 564-3921 (home)

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