Xenix vs. Unix?

Larry Snyder larry at nstar.UUCP
Sat Sep 2 23:58:14 AEST 1989

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> 1)  What is the difference between SCO Xenix and SCO Unix?  Or what is the

I had been running both SCO 2.3.1 and Interactive 2.02 and it appears that
I will be sticking with 386/ix.   SCO Xenix is their Xenix product which
is less memory hungry and offers support for thousands of products that
run under pure Xenix.  Xenix is not Unix binary compatible.  SCO Unix
on the other hand will execute both Xenix and Unix binaries (likewise 386/ix)
and cost more, but lacks a developers system (it currently still is not
shipping) - while Interactive is shipping a complete product to support
Unix V5 which will also execute Xenix binaries (I was running my Xenix
Usenet binaries under 386/ix without problems and only recently recompiled
the source code under the native compiler).

If you are considering an OS - I would go with Interactive.  You should 
look at their file system - it has to be the fastest in the industry.   

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