Xenix vs. Unix?

Fred Rump from home fr at icdi10.UUCP
Fri Sep 8 00:02:00 AEST 1989

In article <315 at bilver.UUCP> bill at bilver.UUCP (Bill Vermillion) writes:
>In article <8293 at spool.cs.wisc.edu> thurm at shorty.cs.wisc.edu (Matthew Thurmaier) writes:
->I have had success with the Maynard units.  They install right, first time
->every time.  And run right.  The only thing I have found is that sometimes it
->didn't like to take the tar command the first time.  So I just made a scripts
->that issued "mtape reset" as the first line, sleep a few seconds, and then
->generate the tar command.  Users fire it off by logging in as "tape".
->Perhaps you could explain to me/the-net what their problems are.  I am using
->them under 2.2.3 on '286 machines, and 2.2.3 on IBM 80's.

How can they run "right" when you have to issue work-arounds to make the work 
at all?

Another netter just reported how he has to issue two tar commands to get his 
tape to work. He complained about how this is somehow SCO's fault. The net 
responded by reporting all is well with SCO's tape drivers, but faulting Irwin 
and Maynard for being flaky. You only confirmed that.


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