Xenix vs. Unix?

Larry Snyder root at nstar.UUCP
Wed Sep 6 12:52:40 AEST 1989

In article <124172 at sun.Eng.Sun.COM>, plocher%sally at Sun.COM (John Plocher) writes:
> >It doesn't even work fine with the Wangtek - as there is no way to format
> >a tape (it appears on a menu under sysadm - but doesn't work).
> But (Sputter sputter) the QIC-24 tapes (Wangtek, Everex, Archive...) don't
> need to be "formatted".  Granted, the older 3B2 and HP tape drives which used the
> same media (DC600) needed to be formatted, but they weren't QIC-24!
> Did you perchance mean "retension"?  All you need to do is use the minor device
> which does it for you when you open it...

Nope (and yes).  Format of 1/4 inch tapes is on the 386/ix
menu - but doesn't work and advises the user that his tapes
are defective and should be replaced with a new one..  

After doing futher research - the scripts are defective - and
if one does a raw copy using cpio and piping the output to the
tape all is well.

Another 386/ix glitch.  I am finding more of them as time
goes by.  

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