Xenix vs. Unix?

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>1)  What is the difference between SCO Xenix and SCO Unix?  Or what is the
>2)  Can anyone recommend a version of unix/xenix for a 386 that has experience
>3)  I definitely am looking the the complete package, i.e. development system
>4)  Does anyone know about SCO's product Open Desktop that's coming out in
>5)  What are the price differences between the different versions of unix?
>6)  Is the company that makes your preferred brand of unix good about support?

Well, that was a mouthful of questions.  After just coming back from 
SCO Forum 89, I will attempt to answer (As I am sure many others will).
1. SCO Unix/Xenix differences.  Many.  Big differences in "trusted"
   security, in other words, large corporations, government, etc, will be
   very useful.  Takes more overhead in memory and disk.  For now, for our
   typical customers, Xenix is fine.
2. I(personal opinion) highly recommend SCO products!
3. SCO has a complete development system including Microsoft "C".
4. Open Desktop is a NICE product, but does require a lot of resources
   as well.   As more software developers are getting into the action,
   this will be a good platform.  Will be software driven when the
   "typical" user will be looking at this seriously.
5. Pricing, depends on your status, end user vs reseller, etc.
6. SCO's products are supported by a large support staff (and growing).
   Depends on your needs.  If you are an end-user, then find yourself
   a reliable VAR/dealer in your area that can provide the tech support
   that you need, if you are a dealer, then in addition to SCO, find
   a support oriented Super/VAR- Distributor that can serve as a first
   line of support.  TRG in Atlanta, Microware Distributors, etc.
There is a pamphlet available from SCO or your dealer entitled,
SCO Unix vs Xenix, when to and not to.  (Something like that), and
will answer a lot of your questions.
These answers are my opinions, as I am sure others will disagree.

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