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>Argh!!!! That's right folks, spend $5000 on a brand new 386 box and then put
>a governor on it so you can run that old $200 card you bought at the swap
>meet last week.
>Get the fastest bus you can, and buy peripherals to match. My bus run's at
>12Mhz. If a card won't run in it, I will throw it out and get one that will.

Who on the net has information about how much speed advantage
following this advice will provide?  Me, I have an AMI 25Mhz
motherboard with an 8Mhz bus speed, and it SCREAMS, especially when I
run a DPT RLL disk controller with 2.5 MB of cache.  What am I giving
up by having a 8Mhz bus running to my disk controller, tape controller 
VRAM VGA card and serial ports?

I'm really not interested in a theoretical answer.  I want to know
what operations are noticably faster when using a higher bus speed.
After all, if you do not notice the speed difference, who cares?

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