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Thu Sep 7 23:18:06 AEST 1989

In article <123591 at sun.Eng.Sun.COM>, plocher%sally at Sun.COM (John Plocher) writes...
>They provide Microsoft C as their default compiler, but they also give you 
>a version of pcc.  When the two are benchmarked, MSC comes out looking faster!
>OK, says I, this does not jive with what I've seen of the MSC compiler - I mean,
>pcc is slow, but not *THAT* slow :-)
>Some sluthing later, it turns out that the version of pcc that SCO provides
>with their 3.2 system is considerably slower than that provided by AT&T's 3.2!
	Does anyone out there know how gcc (the free software foundation's c
compiler) compares with msc and pcc for speed of compilation, speed of compiled
code, size of compiled code, etc? 


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