Everex Unix 386 - Anybody using it ???

Rich Patterson rp at rpx.UUCP
Wed Sep 13 15:39:49 AEST 1989

	I was wondering if anyone has been using the Everex 3.2 Unix.  I
saw some prices for the runtime, including X windows, TCP/IP etc. a 2 user
license for pretty cheap.  Is this vaporware or does someone have experience
with it.  Also, from what I've heard the port was done in house at Everex
and X is X11R3.  Please e-mail directly to save News bandwith.  If I get some
replies, I'll post a summary of responces.
	If the X-windows support is reasonable I'll get the Everex.  I
would like to save money over ISC's prices.

Rich P.
rp at rpx
{pyramid,osc}!rpx!rp	[uucp]
osc!rpx!rp at pacbell.com	[usually works for arpanet]

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