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>> > ...[a loud rebuttal]...
>> Karl Denninger (karl at ddsw1.MCS.COM, <well-connected>!ddsw1!karl)
>I got Mr. Denninger's dander up.  Be careful or thick skinned when not
>complimenting what people sell.  He is obviously wrong and inconsistent on
>several technical issues, but such technicalities are not germane to what
>he is saying.

Now wait a minute!

There are many of us out here who's gander is up. Don't just blame Karl for 
accepting the world as it is today. 

Your points are fine but they simply aren't relevant to what the market has to 
offer. Sure some fine day there'll be better kernels and better everything 
else too. And the discussion will continue. In the meantime some of us need to 
make a living with what the best technology offers our customers NOW. We offen 
call this 'bang for the buck'. 

Sure, a Sequent with all it's 386's will do all your fancy footwork. Prime has 
announced a 1000 user 386 system too. Dynix is a tuned UNIX for just such an 
environment, but we start at a price point we can't even reach with the 
products Karl is selling. So why are we even discussing it? It's such a 
limited market in that $500,000 and up world that you can spend a lot of time 
tuning one system while we've installed another 1000 Unix systems. Ok, so 
they'll only run 30 users. But that's all we and our customers need. End of 

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