Microsoft Word & (SCO) Unix 3.2

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Thu Sep 7 02:23:27 AEST 1989

In article <14629 at bfmny0.UUCP>, tneff at bfmny0.UUCP (Tom Neff) writes:
> In article <6031 at> peter at (Peter da Silva) writes:
> >[The UNXUDI slick]
> >   also has the annoying problem of translating file names into and out of
> >the DOS world (yes, I know it's not really DOS... it hooks into the UDI in
> >the DOS tools at a higher level). 

> Note that everything having to do with DOS, *including* the stuff in the
> EXE header, is completely out of the picture.

OK, then the problem is moving stuff into and out of the UDI world. Which
is based on RMX/ISIS. Since ISIS begat CP/M which begat MS-DOS it's pretty
much a toss up which silly little acronyms you use.

> This IS darn difficult, and under-documented in the manual.  Generally
> you have to UPPERCASE the keywords and lowercase the filenames, but some
> things seem cantankerous.

Not to mention giving you severe indigestion when you try to retain some
sort of compatibility between your Xenix-286 based scripts and your System
V based scripts. :-<

> [intel brainwashed] into believing that OS/2 was somehow the answer to
> something [?!], and [...] the systems people sneered at Unix.

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