Need way to run multiple UNIXes on same 386 box

Daniel A. Graifer dag at fciva.FRANKLIN.COM
Thu Sep 28 23:05:39 AEST 1989

In article <1187 at vsi.COM> friedl at vsi.COM (Stephen J. Friedl) writes:
>     I will soon have the "opportunity" to run two different
>versions of UNIX on my 386 (along with DOS) and I wish to avoid
>losing my mind switching between the two.  Each UNIX will
>probably have its own ESDI hard disk, with DOS being on one of
>the drives as well.
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If you are not wedded to ESDI, the WD7000FASST SCSI Controller on my machine,
if it sees more than 1 bootable partition, asks which one to use.  I've only
tried it with 2 (DOS & Bell Tech), but I can see no reason why 3 wouldn't

I like this board, and the Columbia Data Products software that comes with

Good luck

The address below is no longer strictly valid, as the Company is out of 
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