Xenix vs. Unix?

Bob Palowoda palowoda at fiver.UUCP
Tue Sep 5 05:43:19 AEST 1989

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> 1. SCO Unix/Xenix differences.  Many.  Big differences in "trusted"
>    security, in other words, large corporations, government, etc, will be
>    very useful.  Takes more overhead in memory and disk.  For now, for our
>    typical customers, Xenix is fine.

> 2. I(personal opinion) highly recommend SCO products!

     It must be election year.
> 3. SCO has a complete development system including Microsoft "C".
      Big deal they said that with every release. They do have 
      codeview which is new. By the way it's not the ultimate advantage
      ix users are useing VPIX or Simul-Task and running either MSC
      or Turbo-C to develop thier apps.

> 4. Open Desktop is a NICE product, but does require a lot of resources
>    as well.   As more software developers are getting into the action,
>    this will be a good platform.  Will be software driven when the
>    "typical" user will be looking at this seriously.

     Ok, lets hear it from the typical user. 

> 5. Pricing, depends on your status, end user vs reseller, etc.
     So lets talk about prices. What's the end user going to 
     pay for all this?

> 6. SCO's products are supported by a large support staff (and growing).
>    Depends on your needs.  If you are an end-user, then find yourself
>    a reliable VAR/dealer in your area that can provide the tech support
>    that you need, if you are a dealer, then in addition to SCO, find
>    a support oriented Super/VAR- Distributor that can serve as a first
>    line of support.  TRG in Atlanta, Microware Distributors, etc.
     Where not plugging anyone are we?

> ..
> There is a pamphlet available from SCO or your dealer entitled,
> SCO Unix vs Xenix, when to and not to.  (Something like that), and
> will answer a lot of your questions.
> These answers are my opinions, as I am sure others will disagree.

   Pamphlets don't cut the mustard. Real benchmarks, successfull           
applications, unsuccessfull applications results is what buyers
want to hear. I'm not knocking SCO's products, in my opinion they
do sell a good packages. But lets get real.

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