time resolution in Neal nelson benchmark

was-John McMillan jcm at mtunb.ATT.COM
Mon Sep 18 23:52:07 AEST 1989

I concur with everything Peter Brouwer stated.

At the time I examined Neal Nelson data, over a year ago, another
feature stood out: there were no "knees" to the throughput curves.
There was no point at which total throughput began to noticably
decrease because of inter-process competition -- throughput was
quite linear to the extremes of the load tests.  AT&T throughput
tests -- using common command sets, randomized within different
task threads -- had no problems identifying levels at which 
total throughput began degrading.

I hope that the rising breadth of UNIX usage will result in a
considerable improvement in the quality of metrics being
taken/published.  I'm not holding my breath, however.

john mcmillan	-- att!mtunb!jcm -- speaking for himself, only

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