Sendmail dumping core

Dave Goldblatt dave at
Thu Sep 7 06:30:31 AEST 1989

I've run out of ideas, so it's time to post to the net.. :-)

When atempting to use sendmail (-bd), it will deliver local mail ok
(from one user on the system to another on the same system), but when
sending mail off-node or sending off-node mail to a local user it
dumps core in /usr/spool/mqueue.

I'm using Interlan's NP622 TCP/IP package on 386/ix 2.0.1, and only
ethernet mail delivery is needed (no uucp).  Sendmail does listen
properly on port 25, but any time the queue is flushed with
off-node-bound mail, it dumps.

Any ideas/suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated.


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