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Fri Sep 29 04:47:50 AEST 1989

In article <535 at> davidsen at crdos1.UUCP (bill davidsen) writes:
>[about low-cost ways to get 1024x768 VGA]
> [...] Of course the cost of the monitor is so
>high that the board is not the major consideration.

Bill's right about high-res color VGA monitors.  However, if you 
don't have to have color the price drops dramatically.  I just
picked up a Princeton Max-15 multisync greyscale VGA monitor for
$180.  (This was a one-time deal.  The typical mail-order price for
this monitor is ~$250.)  Princeton says it will do 1024x768.  I
saw it running Windows in 1024x768 mode, but a barely noticeable
flicker suggested the display was interlaced.  The spec sheet says 
the max horizontal rate is 39KHz, which I don't think is good enough 
for 1024x768 non-interlaced.  I need to add RAM to my card in order 
to test it out for myself.

One of the PC magazines recently reviewed a bunch of monochrome VGA
monitors.  Of the bunch, only two were capable of 1024x768: the Max-15
and one other.  The Max-15 has more features, but the reviewer liked
the look of the raster better on the other monitor.  Both monitors
had list prices of ~$350.

Paul Allen

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