uugetty woes fixed (was: com2 under 386/ix)

John W. DeBoskey jwd at sas.UUCP
Thu Sep 14 00:30:37 AEST 1989

In article <106 at dumbcat.UUCP> marc at dumbcat.UUCP (Marco S Hyman) writes:
>In article <109 at nstar.UUCP> root at nstar.UUCP (Larry Snyder) writes:
>> In article <104 at dumbcat.UUCP>, marc at dumbcat.UUCP (Marco S Hyman) writes:
>> > could have been a lot easier with a few helpful hints in the documentation.
>> be this last week - but it never arrived.  The docs are bad - real bad.  
>There was nothing to fix (except the documentation).  All Interactive needs
>to do (short term) is prepare a two or three page addendum on ``How to
>configure 386/ix for two serial ports'' and another on ``How to configure a
>port for bi-directional operation.''  In the long term they need better
>documentation.  And more of it.
Well, this may seem "off the wall", but why doesn't someone who has
good archives and has been through the process put a pair of small
docs together that contain this info. Then maybe they could be
distributed every month or so like the common questions on .questions...

       /////// read in any company name you please...
And if someone gets copies of the docs that those of us on the net
have written and try to add them to their collection, we can burn 'em.
It would serve them right. They should have written the stuff to begin
   Oh well, maybe I'd be in a better mood if the mainframe would stay
up today...

Oh.. for the curious.
I'm running ISC 1.0.6 on a Mod 80...
I've been through the above, and then tossed their support software.
I run MODEM(modified) instead of the getty,uugetty and I only use ASY
on tty00... 
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