uugetty woes fixed (was: com2 under 386/ix)

Marco S Hyman marc at dumbcat.UUCP
Sun Sep 17 07:57:01 AEST 1989

In article <1215 at sas.UUCP> jwd at sas.UUCP (John W. DeBoskey) writes:
[ my bitching about the lack of documentation on setting up bi-directional
uucp links deleted]
> Well, this may seem "off the wall", but why doesn't someone who has
> good archives and has been through the process put a pair of small
> docs together that contain this info.

I've prepared a doc that is available for the asking -- and have sent it out
to several people.  However, I've yet to get feedback from anyone that it
works on their system.  (Working on my system does not make it a general
purpose solution).  As soon as I get some feedback that someone else got
bi-directional uucp working using my instructions I'll post the
instructions. (What, I want to TEST it first!)

// Marco S. Hyman		{ames,pyramid,sun}!pacbell!dumbcat!marc

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