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In article <4635 at ursa-major.SPDCC.COM> dyer at ursa-major.spdcc.COM (Steve Dyer) writes:
>IBM sells "X Windows for DOS" and Locus sells what I believe to be the
>same product, PC/Xsight.  I have no experience with either of these products.
>I believe you are limited to what you can do in 640K, but I could be wrong.
The IBM product is the Locus product licensed to IBM. I believe there are a
couple of differences between the IBM labeled product and ours, however they
are essentially the same. And you are right, the original PC Xsight was
stuck with that old DOS memory limit, however the new release, version 2.0
I believe, will now work with extended memory. With a good video subsystem
installed this will make a very usable X server. Interested parties should
contact Locus.

Disclaimer: This is not an official statement, my opinion only.

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