turnpoint motherboard

Norman Kohn nvk at ddsw1.MCS.COM
Sun Sep 24 10:42:44 AEST 1989

In article <4874 at shlump.nac.dec.com> mattioli at TOOK.DEC.COM (John R. Mattioli) writes:
>	In doing my research I've found two extremely inexpensive systems...
> and the other is based on a "turn point" motherboard

I tried turnpoint's earlier board.  It had memory timing problems that
they couldn't fix promptly and had to be returned.  (I wisely paid
by credit card. Though I never had reason to distrust them... other
than that they said the board worked and then that they'd have the
fix RSN, a la industry std... I feel that the extra charge for
using the card company as intermediary is mandatory.)

I have spoken with them since and understand that the current board
is entirely redesigned.  I'd probably give it a try, if I were in the 
market now.
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