How do I measure the 386/ix paging rate?

Larry Snyder larry at nstar.UUCP
Fri Sep 22 22:12:24 AEST 1989

> My 386/ix box running 2.0.2 is doing a lot of disk I/O these days, and I
> think it is paging too much.  Before I shell out 500 bucks to get more
> memory, it would be nice to know for sure.  Is there any way to find out
> what the paging rate actually is?

Hi John - I was running Interactive with 4 megabytes of ram feeding a couple
of folks netnews using high speed serial lines (locked at 19,200 baud) - while
I was on the system running multiple makes and vpix - and only once noticed
that I was actually swapping.  How much memory do you have in your box?

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