Two blind mice (VP/ix)

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Wed Sep 6 02:13:12 AEST 1989

In article <1395 at> (Larry Campbell) writes:

>In article <1220 at ssbn.WLK.COM> bill at ssbn.WLK.COM (Bill Kennedy) writes:
>-I wailed a week or so ago about being unable to make a Logitech
>-mouse work with VP/ix and 386/ix 1.0.6.

>This is known not to work, which you might have discovered by phoning
>Interactive (as I did).  They claim to have fixed it in 2.0.2.  ...

I run a Logitech serial mouse under 2.0.2 and it works just fine.  I plugged
it into the first serial port, uncommented the COM1MOUSE line in the VP/ix
configuration file, put the mouse driver into the VP/ix CONFIG.sys (you did
that didn't you?) and it works like a charm with MS Word and other such mouse-
loving programs.  Both Logitech's and MS's mouse drivers seem to work.

The only fly in this ointment is that although the serial driver is fine for
VP/ix, it has serious bugs that make it impossible to use it for bidirectional
uucp.  There is a PD replacement from Jim Murray that solves the uucp
but doesn't yet have the hooks that VP/ix needs.  Interactive is supposed to
have a new version of their async driver this week, I hope that fixes it.
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