Mylex SCSI Controller

Dave Fenske davef at lakesys.UUCP
Tue Sep 26 23:43:39 AEST 1989

A couple of points on Mylex.  First, the company is a public company.  They
have been in business for a while.  The offer a two year warranty on all
their products (Compaq gives 90 days).

As for the question of the DC376 using the "AT32" bus being non-standard.  Well,
it is honestly no more non-standard than the memory cards in all of the 
different 386 boxes out there now, and frankly that doesn't seem to be much
cause for concern.

Mylex, I'm told, will be releasing EISA versions of their network card and the
disk controller later this year (when EISA becomes available).

Considering the dozens of computer manufacturers out there, I am rather pleased
that one, at least, has done something NOW, to address higher performance.

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