Cache board .vs. caching kernel (Re: ESDI controller recommendations)

Steven E. Piette steve at simon.UUCP
Sun Sep 10 01:54:14 AEST 1989

In article <1989Sep5.052934.20655 at ddsw1.MCS.COM>, (Karl Denninger) writes:
> In article <71 at calcite.UUCP>, (Vernon Schryver) writes:
> >In article <1989Sep4.024559.13279 at ddsw1.MCS.COM>, (Karl Denninger) writes:

> >In 1989, "fast" uniprocessor workstations are >=20 times a VAX 780, 3-5 times
> >faster than 386 clones.  True, they use 88K's, SPARK's, or MIPS-R3000's
> >instead of 386's and cost more than $2,500 (but <$25,000).  You can buy
> >multiprocessor workstations well over 100 VUPS (1VUP=1VAX 780).  
> If they're not ISA 80386 systems, then there is no point to discussing them
> here.  Take it to comp.arch where it belongs.  This group is for discussion
> of machines that are ISA based and use a '386 processor (and have the
> additional quality of costing a few thousand, not $25k).  Some of us bought
> them because we need or want to run (horror of horrors) MSDOS through VP/IX
> or Simultask while we're using our Unix.  Try _that_ trick on your 
> Sparcstation.
I agree with Karl that this is not the place to go into most of this dicussion,
but since Karl makes the point to this group that one CAN'T run MSDOS on a
SparcStation, it's only fair to point out his ERROR in the group as well.

You can run MSDOS applications on any SparcStation!. The product is called
DOS Windows and provides MSDOS emulation in as many windows as you can stand ;-)

Unlike the 386i (RoadRunner) machine that actually RUNS VP/IX as a standard part
of the OS, The SparcStation's DOS Windows product emulates both the '86 and the
rest of an ISA system in software. On a SS1 (~$12,000 12.5 Vups) DOS Windows
delivers about AT class performance. 

While its not a speed demon it does allow people to avoid having two systems at
their desk which is why most of us want VP/ix right. (Besides it will run much
faster on one of BIT's 50Mhz SPARC's :-)).

Back to the original discussion, As soon as I can I must get a DPT. My WD1007
was a big improvement over the WD1003 but it's still not fast enough.....
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