serial ports under 2.0.x

Mark Ryding ryding at trwrb.UUCP
Thu Sep 28 00:27:23 AEST 1989

	I'm running version 2.0.2 on a NEC Powermate SX.  I am having
quite a bit of difficulty getting the serial ports to behave themselves.
Even though I've specified the baud rate in inittab (both by editing 
and using sysadm) the only speed I ever get is 300.  Additionally, if I
try to enable the port(s) for use by terminals, I get the message:

	INIT: command respawning too rapidly: check for possible errors
	id: 00 "/etc/getty /dev/tty00 300H"

I can get the ports to go at speeds greater than that by using

	(stty 4800 0<&1; cat /etc/passwd) > /dev/tty00

but the port won't hold the baud rate, it immediately drops back to 300 baud
when the above command finishes.  Is anybody else experiencing this?

Thanks in advance,
Mark Ryding

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