Future Domain 386/ix disk drivers, 2.0.2, etc.

Larry Snyder root at nstar.UUCP
Sat Sep 9 09:18:56 AEST 1989

In article <1989Sep8.211521.21918 at jdyx.UUCP>, tpf at jdyx.UUCP (Tom Friedel) writes:
> My questions are (in order of importance)
>    1) I want to install a second hard drive.  Before I spend $1500
>       dollars, can someone verify that 2.0.1/1.1 FD drivers will indeed
>       support two hard drives and a tape drive, as the FD docs claim.
>       (The tape drive works with one hard disk right now)
>       (The ISC 2.0.1 docs about SCSI support were ridiculously flawed
>        as some of us found out the hard way)

I asked Brian at ISC (in Hollis) this same question and he said yes - many
folks have installed another controller and pair of drives.

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