IPC-802 port board and Telebit Trailblazer modem

Lenny Tropiano lenny at alps.UUCP
Wed Sep 13 00:36:41 AEST 1989

This has happened several times, and it's becoming quite annoying.  Right
now we are running a 6386E WGS with 4MB of memory and an IPC-802 port board
with Version 3.0 of the drivers.   Six of the ports are allocated to direct
terminals, or connections to our 3B2 and UNIX pc (using uugetty).  Two
of the ports, ttyh07 and ttyh08 are allocated to dialout modems.  The
Trailblazer is on ttyh07 and the AT&T 4024 modem is on ttyh08.  

It seems sometimes while cu'd to a particular site the modem will hang
(this occurs sometimes while operating normally, or while disconnecting).
Then the cu process will hang too.  I attempt to do a "~." and it will
just sit there and not disconnect from the modem.  It seems like the
modem is in some sort of I/O wait state, and will not relinquish the
process.   I then toggle to an alternate VT (alt-sysreq-F1) and then
attempt to kill the cu processes.   Sometimes the second (child to cu)
process is still there while the first one is in zombie-land (<defunct>).
The child is then attached to init (pid=1).  No signals, even -9 will
kill the process.   Logging out on the terminal that acquired the modem
doesn't even kill the process.  Only resource is to shutdown.

Most of the time I will get the following messages on the console:

	uugetty: cannot open "ttyh0#": errno: 6
	uugetty: cannot open "ttys0#": errno: 6

    root     0     0  0 07:41:11 ?        0:10 sched
   lenny   533   314  0                   0:00 <defunct>
   lenny   534     1  0 09:53:50 console  0:20 cu burket 

Sometimes the events that lead up to it is that all the terminals on
the machine just come to a screaching halt... slow down, whatever.  Then
I get the uugetty messages.

The cable configurations on both modems are as follows: (we are using
RJ-45 8 conductor cable with RJ-45 to DB-25 connectors on both ends)

     .. 1 ---------------- 1 ..
     .  2 ---------------- 2  .
     .  3 ---------------- 3  .
     .  4 ---------------- 4  .
     .  5 ---------------- 5  .
     .  6 ---------------- 6  .
     .. 7                  7 ..
        8 ---------------- 8
       20 ---------------- 20

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Lenny Tropiano,  Project Manager / Sr. Software Engineer
American LP Systems, Inc.      E-MAIL   : ...{icus,rutgers,sbcs}!alps!lenny
305-1 Knickerbocker Avenue     AT&T MAIL: ...attmail!alps!lenny
Bohemia, New York    11716     PHONE    : 1-516-589-7930

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