Mylex SCSI Controller

Bob Palowoda palowoda at megatest.UUCP
Wed Sep 20 17:35:25 AEST 1989

 Ok who is useing the Mylex DC376 SCSI Controller on a UNIX/XENIX machine.
 I'm interested to hear what the throughput is. The controller looks
 to be fairly new. This is what the ad says about it.

 * Has an onboard 80376.
 * The card uses the 32bit slot for 32bit IO
 * 13 Megabytes/sec transfer rate
 * Effective average .3ms seek
   (I hate when they say effective)
 * Emulates a WD controller (no special boot proms needed)
 * Software support for DOS, UNIX, Xenix and Nobell
 * Cache memory on board 1 or 4 meg simm modules.
   They didn't say total size but from the picture it looks like
   you can put 4 modules in.

 * Supports up to 7 SCSI drives, CD-roms, scanners etc etc.
 * They say the 32bit IO operates at 25 to 33Mhz.

 Seems like a hot controller. Might be on the expensive side.
 If anyone can please post what the real performance of the
 controller is.

 If anyone's serious about buying one of these
 Mylex Phone numbers:
 800-446-9539 outside ca.
 415-656-7857 inside ca.

 This is not meant to sound like an ad. I have nothing to do with
 Mylex or their products.

 I would like to see some benchmarks compareing the DTP ESDI 
 Cacheing controller vs the Mylex SCSI Cacheing controller.


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