VI/EX File Preservation not enabled on UNIX SVR3.2 (6386WGS family)

Lenny Tropiano lenny at alps.UUCP
Wed Sep 13 04:57:19 AEST 1989

After the 5th brownout today, I decided to see why all the files
people were editing with vi were not saved (preserved) on bootup.  I know
that on my 3B1/UNIX pc it works, and on my 3B2 in the office, it works
there too.   After some hunting, I found that /usr/lib/expreserve was
not executed anywhere in the boot procedure.   What then happened
was that /etc/rc2.d/S05RMTMPFILES was being run, and the /tmp directory
appropriately cleaned out.   What needs to be done was to create a
file /etc/rc2.d/S02PRESERVE [the same name on my 3B2] and place the
following lines in it...

--- cut here --- --- cut here --- --- cut here --- --- cut here --- 
# Run an expreserve to save any files ...
if [ -x /usr/lib/expreserve ]
				# Remove Rx##### files won't work without it
	/bin/rm -f /tmp/Rx*	
	/usr/lib/expreserve -
	echo "File /usr/lib/expreserve not found, or not executable."
	echo "Unable to recover lost editing sessions."
--- cut here --- --- cut here --- --- cut here --- --- cut here --- 

For some reason I needed to remove the /tmp/Rx* files first (that's
the file that contains named-buffer information) so the /tmp/Ex* file
could be preserved and moved to /usr/preserve/[login-name]/Ex*.

After successful completion of the above script on bootup, a mail
message from "root" will be sent to you...

|A copy of an editor buffer of your file "junkfile"
|was saved when the editor was killed.
|This buffer can be retrieved using the "recover" command of the editor.
|An easy way to do this is to give the command "vi -r junkfile".
|This works for "edit" and "ex" also.

So much for lost editing sessions when the electric company decides
to cut back on power...  Hopefully my UPS will be coming soon!

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